Placing Details off the Model (IE Glitch)

( Internet Explorer Glitch Technique):

1. You must be using Internet Explorer. No other browsers work for this.
2. Choose a detail (graphics can’t go off the model) and place it where desired.
3. When you have your detail in place, right click while still holding down the left button.
4. A little box will pop up that says “Settings” and “Adobe Flash Player.” Ignore this box and release both buttons simultaneously (if you have a hard time doing this, release the RIGHT button first, then the left; simultaneously is just quicker).
5. Immediately click anywhere on the garment. Do NOT click anywhere else first or the detail will disappear. Once you click the garment, the detail should stay in place.
6. Keep doing this with more details until your creation is complete. Be careful while placing additional details, because if you accidentally click another detail you’ve already placed off the model, it will disappear.
:) tmck18


  1. how come whenever i do the fight and left click for the Placing Details off the Model (IE Glitch)it ,never stays. all i get on the box is settings, global settings and about adobe player
    julie(jksd on dress up challenge)

  2. Annet Selles:

    In my experience, the box you are describing is the one that pops up when you are NOT using Internet Explorer. As it says in the directions, this technique only works when you are using the Internet Explorer browser. Is that why you are having problems? Are you using a different web browser? You can get Internet Explorer for free, and you can have as many web browsers as you want on your computer...you don't have to use just one. Personally, I use Internet Explorer for designing, and use Firefox for everything else.

    Hope that helps! Please let me know whether or not that is the problem, and if you need further help.

    :) tmck18


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