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This is a post I will update frequently. Here, I will write down any news about the blog and the newest relevant updates to the blog so every time you come back, you'll know what's new without having to read through every post.  Enjoy!

:) Tracy (tmck18)


5/24:  "The Move to Lifetime Games" post created
5/24: "Your Lifetime Usernames" post created
5/7/12: "Is This Goodbye to DUC as We Know it?" post created
4/30/12: "Makeovers by tmck18" page created
4/24/12: "Current Challenge" post updated
4/24/12: "Challenge Results" post updated
3/8/12:  New update to the format of comments.  Now people can reply to comments directly underneath the original comment in a "reply."  I will now be using this "reply" format to respond to individual comments and questions.
3/6/12: "Current Challenge" post updated
3/6/12: "Challenge Results" post updated
2/16/12: "About Me" updated
2/16/12: Several formatting elements changed to the right sidebar of the blog
2/14/12: "Current Challenge" post updated
2/14/12: "Challenge Results" post updated
2/8/12:  "Using DUC Backgrounds (and Staying Sane)" post updated
2/8/12: "Frequently Asked Questions" page updated
2/8/12:  New "Comments? Post Here!" post created for this year and linked to the important post feature at the top of the blog.
2/8/12: "Comments? Post Here!" post changed to "Archived Comments from 2011" and comment feature disabled to new comments.
2/8/12: "Petition: Keep DUC Alive!" post moved to the bottom of the blog and merged with the "We Did It!" post
2/7/12: Blog News updated below with a section labeled "February 2012"
2/7/12: Post on "How to Save Pictures of Makeovers to your Computer" has been updated to include a section on the "Snipping Tool" and a note about saving a folder to the C drive instead of desktop
2/5/12: "Creating Links to Makeovers" section updated for clarity
2/5/12:  All mentions of the "Spin Wheel" have been deleted from the blog because it no longer exists on DUC
2/3/12: New Post added: "We Did It!"
2/2/12: New Post added: "How to Save Pictures of Makeovers to your Computer"
2/2/12:  Update to"Petition: Keep DUC Alive!" post.  
1/24/12: New Post added: "Petition: Keep DUC Alive!"
1/22/12: New page added: "In Memoriam"
1/3/12: New page added: "(Challenge Results from 2011)"
1/3/12: Last challenge results and new challenge details posted.
10/2011: "Hosting a Challenge? Post Details Here!" post and link deleted for decline of use by DUC community.
9/23: Blog News Section of "Blog News and Updates" post updated (below).
8/8: "Frequently Asked Questions" page added
8/1: New Section called "Pages" created on the right sidebar of the blog
8/1: "Results from Past Challenges" page created.

8/1: "Current Challenge Details" page created.
8/1: "Challenges_by_tmck18" deleted and replaced by "Current Challenge Details" page (found on sidebar).

MAY 2012:  
See post: "Is This Goodbye to DUC as We Know it?"

Divas, exciting news!  I sent in the Petition: Keep DUC Alive! to several sources on 2/2/12 in the early afternoon with all 250 signatures we collected on this blog.  Then on 2/23, DUC responded to us via the newsletter!  Here is what it stated:

February 3rd Update:

Hi Divas,

A number of you have raised a concern about the possibility that DUC is closing. While the store has closed, we want to assure you that DUC is not closing down. We are committed to keep DUC running so that you continue making all those wonderful designs. Thank you for making DressUpChallenge so special!

Miss Diva DressUp

We did it, divas!  We inspired DUC to address our concerns instead of leaving us in the dark.  Whether or not they were thinking of closing DUC before the petition, we showed them how much we love this game and want to keep it alive!  Congratulations to all who signed the petition, and/or wore lifetime shirts in the "Rainy Day" challenge.  We united, and DUC noticed.  Way to go, divas!

Tracy (tmck18)

I'm back, divas!  Sorry for the hiatus, but roller coaster health is the nature of the disease I battle everyday.  Thanks for sticking in there with me!  Challenge results are posted, new challenge is up, and I will be answering back-logged questions and comments on the blog as soon as possible.  :) Tracy


JUNE 2011:
Hey divas! A lot of us are still reeling over the news on DUC about the challenges going down to once a week, Miss Diva taking an "extended vacation" from Facebook and Twitter, and the store no longer offering new items.  It's a bummer, I admit.  In hopes of alleviating a little pain, I've added two new sections to the blog. One is a post about my new challenge account (challenges_by_tmck18) and the current challenge I'm hosting, and the other is a post where DUC users can post the details of their own challenges!  Hopefully this will all keep you busy designing despite the fact that DUC decreased their rate of challenges.  Now if only I could do something about those store items! ::sigh::  Well, maybe DUC will change their minds in the future.  In the meantime, get your creative juices flowing and dust off that fashionmaker and your stencils!



  1. Thank you for all your design and background tips. They are all amazing.. I am so excited I just made my first background with your how to guide it was only grass but it was amazing how you explained everything detail by detail. You should win every DressUp Challenge contest because you have amazing talent and one of a kind works of art. lots of love. Jules (julie130-0)

  2. Jules-
    I'm so happy you made your first background and that my blog helped you! And thank you so much for the compliments, they made me smile. :)


  3. hey tmck18(tracy)! how do you make the glitch backgrounds look so smooth? btw ur designs r AMAZING!!!

  4. Anonymous (beaglegal)-
    Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment on my designs! Before I can answer your question, would you describe what you mean by "smooth?" Do you mean straight lines or maybe solid colors? I'm just not sure what exactly you are referring to, so if you could be more specific it will help me answer your question. Thanks!
    :) tmck18

  5. like in http://www.dressupchallenge.com/makeovers/tmck18/kiss-cook-0

  6. In "Kiss the Cook" I use bead layering for the solid colors. There's a post on how to do that. Then for straight lines I use the stitch detail overlapped for horizontal (I explain that in the post on backgrounds). Vertical lines are trickier...you just use the bead layering, but do it so meticulously that you get a straight line (as shown in the picture in the post on how to create solid colors). Hope that helps.
    :) tmck18

  7. Thank you SO much!!

    DUC is my life!

    I play whenever I can get on the computer!! I never knew any of this!!
    All the information is so helpful (the wheel tips and deisigning outside the motel in the FM I found most helpful)!!! I now see DUC 100 x better then before!!! If you dont mind I will suggest this site to someone else who goes on DUC!!


    ~ Jackie ~

  8. Jackie:

    I'm so glad you found the blog so helpful! That's why I created it, so people could learn the tips and tricks to enjoying DUC to its fullest. Yes, you may certainly share this site with whomever you think would like it.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    :) Tracy


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