Using DUC Backgrounds (and Staying Sane)

Everybody knows those beautiful DUC backgrounds can be nightmares to deal with.  That is, unless you know how to work around their glitches.  Worry no more, divas, for I will show you how to deal with those meddlesome backgrounds!
First, the basics:
Backgrounds must be moved behind the model, but they usually won't budge unless you put the background on before any clothing or hair.  So put the background on before the clothing and hair selection, then click on the background and a box will appear.  Click "backward" on the box until the background moves completely behind the model.

Advanced Techniques:
Layering accessories when working with backgrounds
It can be difficult to layer accessories when working with backgrounds because the backgrounds get in the way of "selecting" the accessories to make the box appear where you can move items forward and back.  Here's an easy way to remedy this:
  • Add the background first (don't move it back yet)
  • Add your earrings (don't move them yet)
  • Add all your wigs and other accessories (don't move them yet) 
  • Now you should be able to click on every accessory and move them forward or backward without trouble (you may have to zoom in to click on the earrings)!  Move the background behind the model first, then follow with the other accessories.  If your earrings become hidden by a wig, click the wig forward first, then back again and the earrings will show up
  • Now go put on your clothing, select your hairstyle, and do your makeup
 If you want to layer TWO sets of earrings, a background, and one or more wigs
  • Add the first pair of earrings first
  • Add background and click it backward behind the model
  • Now you can place your earrings all the way forward and add another pair
  • Add your wig or wigs (if the earrings become hidden by the wig, click the wig forward first, then back again and the earrings will show up)
There you go, divas!  Now you know how to keep those backgrounds from getting in your way.

:) tmck18


    1. WOW!!!i actually used a bg without sacrificing accessories!!!i didn't think it was possible!
      thank you sooooo much!:-)

    2. lynnie1:

      You're most welcome! When I first figured this out, I felt like it was a miracle to actually be able to use multiple accessories with a background. It can really step up the quality of a makeover.

      :) tmck18

    3. I've learned that with most backgrounds (after you have completely backward clicked them and are halfway done with your makeover) you can click the bg forward once or twice then immediately back again and it allows you to click on the earrings. I've been able to add 5 even 6 pairs just by doing this method.


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