~Please Read~

I've created this guide out of kindness.  Please do not exploit my kindness by copying any of my fashionmaker designs unless I say otherwise.  I've been a victim of it too many times (indeed, I've even competed against my own designs several times in challenges, including top 50, because people copied my designs).  Design, even on just a game like DUC, is a form of unique creative expression.  I spend many hours working on my creations (in planning, revisions and final versions), and if anyone else claims my work, creativity and effort as their own, they have stolen from me.  I do not appreciate that.

However, I don't mind inspiring other designers at all.  I actually am flattered by that.  Examples of inspiration are color schemes, themes, or similar fashionmaker techniques to achieve your own unique designs.

Thank you for your understanding!

:) tmck18


  1. WOW Tracy! Thank you so much for creating this blog! It will be so incredibly helpful to all DUC members. I adore your creations. They are amazing. Again thank you for creating this! I will most definitely refer to it! BTW I am cav2006!!

  2. You're welcome cav2006! And thank you for the compliments on my creations, that was very sweet of you. ::HUGS:: I hope to hear from you again, have a great day! :)tmck18

  3. Thanks so much Tracy, this blog is an absolute LIFE SAVER! I just adore the little tips and hints you have shared with us, and I am very proud to be your first blog follower. I have always loved your AMAZING creations, they absolutely astound me. BOL with the blog, I am sure this will be a hit with all the DUC ladies. Michelle xxx (Mack_Shell)

  4. Yay, I have a blog follower! :D Thanks so much for enjoying my blog enough to follow it. I'm honored you're my first follower as well. And thanks for the compliments on my designs, you're so sweet! ::HUGS:: tmck18

  5. Tmck 18 thank you so much for opening this blog. You are very talented and creative. This will help me to make earrings and much more. Btw I am pink_chick/ hada_soñadora

  6. ¡Tienes toda la razón.!

    ¡You are all the right!


  7. pink_chick/ hada_soñadora:
    Sorry, I could have sworn I commented back to you earlier! I must not have clicked post? Anyway, here's a reply to you:
    Thank you so much for the compliment and enjoying my blog! I'm glad it will help you make earrings, that is one of my favorite things to create. :) tmck18

  8. I'm just starting to read your blog, it is awesome. As a 59 yr. old DUC lover, I can't wait to try some of your techniques. You have so many really beautiful designs. You have a lot of talent. I hate that you have been copied, no true artist would ever want to use someone elses work. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with others. Your newest follower-mypuddin

  9. Mypuddin-

    You're very welcome. I see it as an honor to help so many people find these tools. I originally learned quite a bit of info from fashionmaker101, and to this day I honor, respect and cherish her for her willingness to help and for her talent. I'm just happy to be passing along the knowledge I've learned from her, from other friends, and from my own experimentation in a new way. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

    :) tmck18

  10. I am sooo inspired by your blog!

    Hi am am also on duc and have looked at your page many many times and am so inspired by your makeovers, Tracy, I only have 10 friends because i stop by and leave goodies A LOT but i would really want you to be one of my friends, I am new to DUC and have been really liking it........my user name is PinkVelvet...hopefully I could b one of ur friends and get to know you really well!

  11. Anonymous (PinkVelvet):

    I'm glad you are liking the blog, and welcome to DUC!

    I'm sorry, currently I am not accepting friends at this time; I already have more friends than I can keep up with. Thank you for the request though and I hope you come visit here again soon!

    :) tmck18

  12. Tracy,
    I have always enjoyed and appreciated your blog but never more so when you set up the petition. DUC finally listened and that is due to you.
    Thank you!

    1. KateC-

      Oh wow, I totally missed this comment when you wrote it! Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your appreciation. Sadly, I don't know how much the petition helped since they have decided to move to Lifetime Games. Perhaps the petition stopped them from closing down entirely? I'm not sure. We will just have to see what this move to Lifetime Games does to DUC. Hopefully they keep our beloved game intact, or at least for the most part. That's all we can hope.


  13. Hello Tracy, ;o)
    Well...DUC is just a nastalgic memory now, isn't it? I miss the good times, the talks, the challenges, the personal pages we had....and all the hard work you went to to teach us how to get every last ounce of good out of that program.
    So have you had a chance to "experience" the TFC program? Oh my.....VERY different and VERY disappointing. But then we were afraid it would be. However, I'm working it, and even posting a few MOs on the DUC Facebook page so they know what we're up against. yeah, there's some things I REALLY hope they tweak! But I'm so afraid they will have a take it or leave it attitude. Afterall, it's just PART of many games available. Nevermind that the members took this so personal. *cry*
    aka Grandma Wears Prada (now--HometownGirl)


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