In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to the talented DUC divas who have passed on.  I will display some of their greatest makeovers here as a tribute to them.  If you know of someone in the DUC community who has passed on and would like a tribute devoted to them here, please comment and let me know their username on DUC. 

Tracy (tmck18)


Visit her page HERE to see her amazing designs up close.


  1. She was so amazingly talented and such a thoughtful and generous soul. She is greatly missed here among our little community and I pray for her family to be comforted and strong during this sad sad time. And may we all remember how delicate and fleeting life can be. Rest sweet Kathleen. You have truly made a difference to so many people. Much love always, Marisa

  2. its so hard to lose someone.i mean i didn't even 'know' her or spoke to her.seeing her creations on challenges and getting a peak now and then was the extent that i knew her.seeing her name,though i knew that there was a person behind that.i was strangely thinking about her, which was kind of weird since like i said,i had never spoken to her.i guess i didn't realize how easily we start to care about a person.even through an avatar,a siggy.i was going through her page with my bf and he was asking me all of the questions in the 'about me stuff.he asked me when was the last time i answer was earlier,when i read the post on chat.informing us of her says a lot about a person when you can reach out and touch them,without ever saying a word.
    i can't imagine the magnitude of losing her feels like to her loved ones.i know i felt a little something myself.she must have been extraordinary.
    and cheebus fries, WAS SHE TALENTED!!!

  3. Katt I will miss you more than words can describe. I pray for God to give comfort and love to your family at this time of great loss. And it is a great loss, you were always so kind to me and so giving in your comments. You will be missed, what a talent you had not only for designing, but for loving as well. You always made me feel good about my self and my designs. I hope that I gave a little of that back to you. I love you much. Susan (Rubsgal)

  4. I read about Miss Katt_Hunter's passing while checking chat page. It's one thing you don't think about ( a member passing ) though it will happen. It was a tug at my heart though I never spoke to her but was always in awe of her talent. I checked her page when she was in Top 50 to see upclose her artistry. I would think to myself "How, how does she do it ! " I read her about me and saw she was an illustrator. She was an artist in real life. She was an artist in DUC life. Now she's an artist in the afterlife. Rest in peace Miss Katt_Hunter. Heaven is more beautiful and it's tapestry much richer now that you have arrived into God's kingdom. You will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Prayers and much love to your family and friends.

    arabella-arabesque on DUC

  5. Like Arabella said you know you don't think about a member passing even thought it will happen eventually. It is a real shock to the DUC community and to me. You are not prepared for this. I can imgagine the family's pain. If she was a great designer and a sweet and kind person. She must have been a great member of her family I am sure. And to lose someone great is really really hard. Katt_hunter and I are not friends, but she is known on the duc community for two reasons.
    1. She is a sweet and kind person.
    2. She is a amazing designer.
    My sincere condolences to her family and friends.
    God will receive her with open arms. May she rest in peace.

  6. Sorry forgot to put my name: pink_chick, tomichick and hada_soñadora.

  7. It is as difficult to lose a fellow DUC sister as a friend in real life. Kathleen was extremely talented and kind and will be missed. My heart and prayers go out to her family. KateC

  8. I didn't know Katt, but I did know of her Amazing Talent. She blew me away with many of her MO's and designs. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family... May God Bless them and give them the strength to endure this difficult time. Good-bye Katt. You will be missed!!! ~Linda aka~Camelgirl

  9. Her creativity was beyond measure. She was a great designer and will be truly missed. My sympathy goes out to her family.
    Dee aka Dolo5125

  10. she will always be in my memories and prayers i will miss her alot;(


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