General DUC Tips and Info

NOTE:  This section will be updated as people ask basic questions about DUC or give me suggestions for general DUC tips. 


There are TWO aspects to creating working links of makeovers on DUC.  You have to post it correctly for it to "light up," allowing people to simply click on the link and be taken to your makeover.  Then, you have to make sure that the link is short enough, or a DUC bug will cut off the end of the link, and the link won't take you directly to the makeover.


1.  First, you'll need to copy the URL (web address) of the makeover you want to create a link to.  Click on the makeover so it takes you into "full view" (the view where you can kudo/comment on it). Now you need to copy the URL of that page.  Here's a quick tip on how to copy a URL (for thorough instruction on copying and pasting, click HERE): Take your mouse and go up to the address bar of the browser (the long white or gray box at the top of the screen). Right click on your mouse, and the URL should become highlighted and a drop-down box should appear.  Choose "Copy" from the drop-down box to copy the URL.  

2.  Now that you've copied the URL of your makeover, you'll need to paste it into the comment box you are posting the link in (right click again and choose "Paste").  Due to a DUC bug though, you'll need to also have a character before and after the URL for it to link properly.  Either put the URL in between parenthesis, or you can write a word before AND after the link with SPACES in between, or on separate lines like this:
                             (your link)
    Does that make sense? Just do a word/phrase before and after the link (WITH spaces or lines in between the words and your link of course) or use parenthesis around the link WITHOUT spaces between.


    URLs must be relatively short or another DUC bug will cut off the end of it, and the link won't work.  If your URL is too long, you'll simply need to shorten it by using the Tiny URL free service HERE or a similar application. Just paste your URL into the box provided and click the button "Make TinyURL." Then copy the smaller version of your URL it gives you and use it to create your link.  If you think you might post the same makeover again in the future, you can put a comment under your makeover with the new tiny link for future use.


    * How to Vote for Multiple Entries on One Page
    1. Click on the first entry (but do NOT unclick...keep your finger pressed on the button).
    2. Quickly move to the second entry (with your finger still pressed down on the button).
    3. Now that your cursor is on the second entry, release the button and click again. You've voted for both!
     *How to See an Entry Up Close Before Voting on it
    1. Right click on the TITLE of the makeover.
    2. When the little box pops up, click on "Open in New Window."
    3. The makeover will now open up in a new window in your browser for you to get a closer look. When you're done checking it out, go back to your first window to resume voting.


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      Hi Tracy!
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