Is this Goodbye to DUC as We Know it?

I’ve gotta say…reading the Newsletter update from May 6th made me SO sad. After the initial update in April about DUC moving to Lifetime Games, I was hoping that the next update would tell us what we can be assured to KEEP when the move to Lifetime occurs…but instead, I feel like Miss Diva was saying goodbye to us and to DUC as we know it. Until this point, I felt like we had some hope, but now my hope is dimming, and my denial stage is crumbling. I finally cried, and my heart is breaking. Without DUC as we know it, a huge whole would burn into my heart. I would miss so much.

First of all, I haven’t really been able to design this past year because I’ve been flat on my back with a bulging disc and bone spurs, making designing difficult (and hence me only occasionally entering challenges, and all with recycled makeovers). It was getting better, and I was starting to think I could begin designing again soon, but my bulging disc herniated in March, and I’m back to square one. Do you know how sad I am that I might never be able to design anything intricate again on the FM, especially any new Disney makeovers? It kills me that I might not have a chance to design again before DUC is gone. ::sigh:: Divas, if you can, please design your hearts out until DUC moves? We might not have the ability afterward.

So if DUC truly isn’t DUC anymore when it moves, I won’t just miss the FM. It goes without saying that I will miss all my beautiful, wonderful divas, and seeing your AMAZING designs and talent! I’m blown away every time I visit one of your pages (which is something I haven’t been able to do much either this year because of my situation). I’m so grateful for Camelot (thank you, Marion!) and Facebook, as we will be able to keep in touch. But I have to admit, I will miss seeing all the new, amazing makeovers you ladies would create. (Now I’m crying all over again…)

Last, but not least (and now I’m bawling trying to type this), I would SO miss how much I was able to make a difference for you divas here on DUC with my Fashionmaker Guide Blog. Because of my health problems (not just my back, but Crohn’s and my other health issues), my life is pretty small. I have yet to be able to have children, my writing/editing career has been stalled, and I haven’t been able to attend church for a year (can’t sit that long), nor take part in any volunteer work.There hasn’t been much I can do to make any kind of difference in this world. My limit for sitting or standing currently is about 5 minutes. It is so frustrating not being able to move your body, shower on your own, or even sit through a meal. Living my life flat on my back this past year has been so monotonous, unfulfilling, and completely frustrating, not to mention painful. I’ve felt like such a burden, a leech, and that I don’t give much back to the world. So with that all in mind…can you imagine how much being able to help you all, just a little, through this teeny-tiny blog, has meant to me? It’s meant EVERYTHING. (Tears streaming down my face…)

And with that said, I want to thank anyone who has ever stopped by this blog and left a comment, letting me know how much I’ve helped you, or asking more questions so I can continue to help. It’s made me feel less of a leech on this world, and I thank you so much for that. Many of you have told me how “selfless” I’ve been by providing the blog and continuing to manage it, but really, it has been so rewarding for me, not selfless at all. If the FM no longer exists after the move, my heart will be broken, because I won’t have this small way of giving back. So again…thank you, divas. My heart will always be grateful to you and grateful to God for the years I had on DUC.



  1. The following is copied from the News page on DUC after Tracy posted there...

    On 05-07-12 KateC wrote:

    The thanks is all to you. In the absence of any guidance from DUC, you have been our leader, shining star, and sanity. Thank you so much for the time and care you have given to us all. You are just amazing.
    Now, I have to go dry my tears before work....

    1. I'm so sorry I made you cry, Kate! Thank you so much for all your kind words, they made me misty-eyed all over again. I think you are amazing, too. You've been such a great friend to me. Thank you for that!


  2. Tracy when I read the update on DUC. I cried just like you because like you said it was a goodbye. I am a member for many years on DUC. I can't get my mind around the fact that we are moving to lifetime. The worse of all I don't know what will happen with our usernames, our designs, our friends (list) and our closet/storage. I have friends here on DUC who are important to me. Friends who I consider as sisters. That is including you of course Tracy.
    Tracy I want to thank you for helping me. Thanks to you I am a better designer and I really appreciate that.

    Sincerely from your friend,


    1. ::HUGS::CRIES::
      Thanks so much, sweetie. I'm honored to have helped you. I worry too about losing all the things you mentioned. I wish DUC had answers for us about whether we will be allowed to keep those things or not. It makes me so anxious not to know, and then this news update sounded so much like a goodbye...it just makes me so sad and scared. I don't want to lose our beloved DUC, nor the people I have become friends with there either, including you. That place has become so much more than a game for so many of us...I wish it wasn't changing.


  3. Tracy,
    I cannot and will not say goodbye to you. I will pray you will be able to design soon and are feeling back to your old self again very soon. If you had not reached out to me I would have left duc a long time ago. Because of Sandylynn and you I not only felt friendship but LOVE. You know of all my health issues and how reclusive I am and that having the contact on DUC has opened the world back up to me. Your advise on the fashion maker made the designing much more amazing and kept me going when it was getting boring. But your love and support through everything is what I cherish. When you were even ready to stand alone and defend me, I cannot say goodbye. It means so much to me that you are a true Camelot Sister. I feel your pain and sadness I wish I could be where you are so that I could give you a very big bear hug. I can say Thank You. Thank you for all the little hints and tricks to make designing fun. But most of all Thank you for always being there to pick up the pieces. I adore and cherish you. Love you more than words can express. Susan (rubsgal)

  4. You are loved, Tracy. Every time anyone remembers DUC in its heyday, they will think of your generous assistance, your incredibly beautiful and intricate MOs, your voice of reason in the midst of occasional chaos. You have been in my prayers for a long time that your health will improve, but never think of yourself as a leech. What you have been able to accomplish even with your adversities is amazing, and you have so much more to offer. Thank you from all of us, and thank you for being my friend. Gina (gin2009)

  5. Copied from the DUC News page (Diva Digest) in response to the post there:

    On 05-07-12 dolo5125 wrote:

    "Good morning everyone, I just finish reading the chat page from last night and this morning. I am really sad about the changes coming. I'm going to spend Monday morning saving my favorite M.O.s. Tracy, words can't express how grateful I am to you for your talent, inspiration, and advice. I did not know how to save my M.O.s until I read your blog. I'll be leaving messages and talking with most of you on Camelot soon. You ladies just don't realize how much of a positive impact you have made for me and others who have been with DUC since the beginning. DUC DIVAS ARE THE GREATEST! Dee"

  6. Sweet Tracy, Your words are ringing loud in my heart! Your life situation as it is right now, full of fight & battle to make it each day may be hard for some of us to imagine, other Divas know it all too well. I want You to know that You are more to us than guidence, help & support, but You are a FRIEND, a WOMAN & worth much more than what You do for us, You are needed because You are OUR Tracy!

  7. Classy1

    Tracy, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a your inspiring input and caring. You have such a positive and helpful attitude towards helping the least of us! That is, you helped give me an artistic approach to designing. It gives my makeovers a lot more "punch" than what I could have achieved with the little knowledge I had. Because of your designing instructions, my designs have just a little more "je ne sais quoi".
    I thank you for sharing your incredible talents.
    Now, as I am typing this post, I am praying for healing, comfort and relief of the symptoms that are trying to hinder your body and speak in your spirit wellness.
    I truly thank you and look forward to even more from you in your blogs and your talent. Don't give up and don't give out! YOU ROCK!

  8. Tracy~
    Although you are not (unfortunately) on my Friend List, I've always admired you as a woman, diva, and designer. I have come onto your blog many times and it's helped me a lot through my maturing years in designing! Thank you for all that you radiate out to us lucky, lucky divas here on DUC. You've played a major role in the making of our family there. I will miss all of my "Friend List Friends" and YOU.

    Ali (awesomeali35)

  9. On 05-07-12 Marion4333 wrote:

    "Dearest Tracy, how I wish I could sit by Your side right now, crying WITH You.
    Crying is like a thunder storm, it releases all the pinned up energy & after wards
    the air smells fresh & clean. This thunderstorm is still brewing as long as everything
    is so uncertain. Your life as You are living it right now is so full of hardship, a fight
    daily, minute by minute, just to do what so many of us take for granted. The obsticles in
    Your path so overwhelming that staying emotionally balanced has to be a battle...and the
    looming wall clowd ahead on DUC's horizon simply are too much to bare.
    "Yes, there IS hope of course, but since DUC's words are shrowded,
    inconclusive & vague,it breeds this fear within many of us who do
    not want to lose it!
    I'm preparing myself for the worse & hold out hope we may have some
    sort of home we can establish over there, that we will have the FM &
    can continue to rely on You Tracy to guide us, to teach us & to be
    with us in the turmoil. We will need You now more than ever!
    You will HAVE to be there for us! So You see, our envirnment will
    most definately change, but WE will remain the same, Your Friends,
    Your somewhat helpless & goofy Gurlz who will be reaching for You,
    counting on YOU...Tracy!!!!"

    "Here I sit, able to do what I want, when I want & I see the same clowd approaching, I feel the anxciety &
    heavyness that I wish I could just toss aside. Each & every one of us that comes here daily
    love this place, there are some who could more easily do without it, who it means less to.
    Some can make new plans on where they may be spending their time, but You invested so much
    here, it is a sanctuary for Your mind, meaningful to You AND to us! Change is so difficult
    when something is as rewarding as this place is to many of us."

  10. On 05-07-12 hotpink wrote:

    "i agree w/you mz marion! i cried while reading tracy's comments! she is such a sweetheart & i could just feel her pain inside & out!! tracy you are a TRUE BLESSING to all of us here in DUC land!!! you are such an INSPIRATION to us all w/your blog & your freindship!! you give so much and ask for nothing in return! that my friend is a TRUE FRIEND!!! i am saying a prayer that your pain will be healed and you will be able to live pain free!! we all take our health for granted and my wish is for all who suffer any kind of health problems that they may experience it no more!! THANK YOU TRACY FOR ALL YOU DO!! MANY BLESSING SENT YOUR WAY SWEETIE!!!! :)"

  11. Tracy Hon, I have lots of talented DUC friends, but what you've done with the FM is beyond compare. And your dedication and generosity of sharing these 'tricks of the trade' with us all is so telling of your kind and helpful nature. If DUC never appeared online ever again, I want you to know it's a memory all of us share--and the memory will definitely include your contribution to our fun and enjoyment. We are all ultimately in God's hands, and someday we may even have the wonderful opportunity to meet. Please do not ever deminish your worth down to your blog here or your talents on DUC. You are worth so much more than these inconsequential tidbits of life here and now. Someday Tracy, you will be made whole and well, if not in this world, but in the next. I pray for all who are suffering, and who need assurance of God's love and plans for us. You will be remembered and made new someday, Dear.
    Always, Karen
    Grandma Wears Prada

  12. if and when duc no longer exists,i will remember all the wonderful people i met,admired.i will remember being so exited that i got to actually make MY OWN designs!!!i will remember you TMCK18.a duc diva,a duc superstar. a sister.what you have done for us can not be expressed in words.you put this wonderful wealth of information together.a tangible place where we can send newbies and long time and veteran duc members can go.to learn new tricks,hone our skills.it broke my heart to read your post earlier today.duc aside,to think that you feel as though you are a burden.i can not believe that to be true in any sense.i see how selfless you have been with us.the ones you know in rl must get this a thousand fold.its not that you are talented,granted you are,its plain to see.its that beauty in you that compels you to give others the opportunity to be just as good.that is a rare quality.that is what makes you such an asset to all you know and have touched.my children have delighted in your designs,i have a little princess who just adores the things you do.You are so much more than a member of duc.you rallied us together,so we can fight for what we believed.I can not accept that you think of yourself as a leech when you have given so much, to so many.i can't make you feel better physically but i hope to heal a little part of your soul.I know that you can't visit as much as you want to or leave comments,those are all minor things,i know where your heart is,we all do.you have brought us so much of that good stuff,y'know that warm feeling in your belly,i can't think of any other way to describe it.i hope you are feeling a little bit of that today.i hope it helps.i can't reach out and hug you. but i am.
    tearing up now.

  13. "How could Tracey think she's NOT THAT important, when you're one those holding DUC together. Your blog and your challenges, helped to bring life and far greater creativity to the game. You got me excited about using FM and I tell you, I still remember how I felt seeing some of your challenge entries. The one that comes to mind readily is "Macy's Blue" challenge. Your designs and MOs are always so breathtaking and you are always so gracious and humnble. I remember too how I felt after one of those late night chats that I had stumbled upon and when I went back to my page to realise you had requested me as a friend!!! I was so elated! Girl, you ROCK!!!

  14. Seeing your posts on the forum for your challenges and for info about your blog site have become as familiar and Miss Diva's picture at the top of the game. It just belongs there and is comforting. I don't think I can even count how many times I referred to your blog site for help, in fact to be honest I just less than a week ago wanted to learn how to save my MOs onto my computer in the large view form and I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly the first time I tried. You are articulate and at the same time you and your instructions are easy to follow and understand. It was your advice that first taught me how to make the velvet look to the material. That was quite some time ago lol. Tracy, my heart is breaking also, DUC for me is kind of a second home, know what I mean? I have met so many wonderful ladies on this game yourself included. I will miss you all very much. I agree with you about being grateful to Marion for Camelot, it is something that we can at least hold on to and not be just cut off from our closer friends. I love everything that it stands for and am happy to see so many feel the same way. I cried today too after reading Sandylynn's and Susan's posts, I have a feeling that won't be the last time either. God bless you Tracy, and remember honey just being the kind of person that you are and your generous and loving nature you are giving back everyday and you are leading by example. The world could use more people like you! You inspired me often and your designs are just amazing. You are one talented lady and a sweet one. You don't cry alone Tracy, all of our tears rain down on DUC and it is quite a rain storm! Thank you for all that you did for us and the friendship you gave us. I will not forget my experience here ever. Love Cindy mamabears34

  15. I am so sorry you feel that way for it isn't true. You do have value in the world and I'm sure all those around you would say so also. Are you not one of those for whom the Christ died? (John 3:16) God see us for what we are but he still loves us and gave his son for our ever lasting salvation.

  16. ~~~emily2000~~~(aka NeonRockstar)May 8, 2012 at 8:55 AM

    This is SO sad! I will FOREVER miss DUC! This is making tears fill up in my eyes! I WILL design my heart out! Thank u so much for all ur hard work!
    ~~~emily2000~~~ (aka NeonRockstar)

  17. Hi! That is so terrible' but uhm what is camelot?;)

  18. Hi Tracy dear..well here we are finally in June. I hope you have a nice cushiony chase lounge where you can go outside and lay back and drink in the beautiful blue skies and the clouds floating by. See the beautitful nature that is God's art. I often see the sunsets, and think..how could I duplicate that on a MO here at DUC. LOL sad! You know who comes pretty darn close? Pat! 1hotdog4me just recently made a camping MO with her little weiner dog roasting marchmallows over a fire with her sweetie. LOL But seriously Trace, if I lived in your shoes, I would try to appreciate the wonders of God even if it's in your limited surroundings and circumstances. Do a lot of talking to Him and pour out your heart. And read his word--especially the 4 Gospels where it describes Jesus' healing work and his great empathy for the sick. That was a comfort to me while I was going thru chemo twice in my life. And also when I had to endure more than 3 years and 4 operations on my leg. yes, I do know about living within limits. But those are things that brought me emmense comfort during those dark days. Love you Hon. Karen

    1. Middle of July, Tracy. Come on little love. We need to hear something from you. Please, if you can't post here or on DUC's chat page, have someone do it for you. We are terribly worried about you.
      Grandma Wears Prada

  19. Tracy I don't ever want you to think you're a leech. You gave hope to us when we thought all was hopeless with your amazing blog. You shared with an open heart your knowledge on how to be more creative. You paid it forward over and over again. We can never repay you. One day I hope to be 1/10th the person you are. I pray your future is what your heart desires most. You are never a burden you are a gift from God.

    arabella-arabesque on DUC and marisa33 on Roiworld and MyLifetime


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