Creating a Stencil of the Model's Head

HOW TO MAKE A STENCIL OF THE MODEL'S HEAD (for use in making hair/hats/earrings/etc.):
1. First, make a shirt in the FM with a high collar and save it to your closet.
2. Go to the Makeover Creator and put on the shirt you made for stenciling.
3. Choose hair for the model that is close to the head.
4. Hit the “Zoom in” button on the top left (the head will now be the perfect size for the mannequin in the Fashion Maker when you’re zoomed in there).
5. Now you’ll want some tracing paper or a clear plastic sheet. Put the paper/sheet up to the screen and hold it there or tape it up. (I tape it up with electrical tape, but that’s my choice. If you’re a child or using someone else’s computer, you’ll want permission before using tape on the computer).
6. Lightly trace the head, neck, hair, ears, collar and shoulders. If you think you’ll be making masks, glasses, makeup, etc, you’ll also want to trace the facial features.
7. You may want to make several stencils with different hairstyles that you commonly use if you want to make hair accessories or hats. That way they’ll sit perfectly on the hair you’re making them for.
8. Now you have your stencil! When you use your stencil to create accessories on the head, just use the same collar in the FM as you made for stenciling so you can line your stencil up perfectly. You can always change the shape of the collar or get rid of it before saving your new creation.
NOTE: Remember that when you are zoomed in in the fashionmaker, you cannot go far up or down, right or left without having already placed four details in the corners of the fashionmaker "room" when zoomed out.  So you will not be able to use your stencil of the head in the FM until you do this.  For details on how, see tip here.
:) tmck18


  1. Once again, thank you so very much Tracy. I would have never been creative enough to think of stenciling the model's head. This answers all the questions I have on self designed hair and head accessories. Previous to reading this post I was unable to understand how the DUC ladies were able to create their headgear so spot on and perfect! Michelle x

  2. Oh I'm so glad you found this then! Making hair and accessories for the head is always one of my fave things to design. Enjoy! :) tmck18

  3. Thank you so much.i found the way to do head accessories,BG ,etc.you're the best:)


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