Creating Different Accessories

* Use the pants garment that hugs close to the leg and ankle like tights.
* Use your detail of choice (I like to use roses or beads) to create the shape of your shoe.  Even if your shoe is form-fitting to the foot, make sure the edges of your shoe still go slightly past the silhouette edges of the feet.
* If you’re in a rush for time, a quick heel can be made by stacking the belt buckle.
* You can always create the shoe and leave off the heel, then when you do a MO, add a heel by moving some DUC heels behind feet.

* The only garment that shows the feet is the pants. So choose a long pants design, then go down to the feet and place beads where the toenails should be. Then go back and change pants to the form fitting shorts so they can be hidden under most garments.
 Hats and Hair Accessories:

* I like to sit at a table and put a plastic sheet or paper over my stencil. I then draw a hat that fits the head/hair shape. Then when I make my design, I layer this drawing over my stencil on the computer screen, and simply fill in the drawing with details.
* If you want to do a simple headband, you can always draw one on your stencil when you make it, so that you can easily create headbands in different colors whenever you need them.


* Earrings can be tricky to position properly, so be very careful when making your stencil to get the ears exactly right. And to keep your earrings even on both ears, use the stitch detail as a ruler to line the earrings up.
* Necklaces are fun and easy to make, just think it through first. Do you want to make the necklace on a wearable
garment? If so, you’ll never be able to wear that garment with another necklace, and you’ll never be able to wear the necklace without that garment. Personally, I like to make my jewelry, especially necklaces, on an “undershirt” or “underdress.” Think about such issues before you create your design. I often make a whole set of accessories (hair accessory, earrings, necklace, bracelet and purse) all on one undergarment, and keep it for use in many makeovers.


* I like to draw my hair over the stencil first just like I do with hats.
* Hair can be made with many different details. Some I have used are the rose, bead, triple-ring, donut and rip. I often like to combine details. Try different details, layer them in various ways, and see what looks good to you.
* I usually make hair on a shirt used as an undergarment so I can use the hair with more than one outfit. The only problem with this is that if you make long hair that goes over the shoulders, the garment you put in front of the hair garment will be placed OVER the ends of your hair, so take this into account when designing.

:) tmck18


  1. How do you make the hats and jewelry for the head and hair?

  2. Anonymous:
    Look at the post above this one about making a stencil of the model's head, then use that stencil for making hair accessories using the Internet Explorer Glitch for placing details off the model.

    :) tmck18

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  4. how do you do this?


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