How to Create Swimsuits (2 Methods)

First Method (easiest):

1. Choose the shirt garment with the "V" hem that covers the pelvis area.
2. If you want to create cleavage on the same garment as the suit, read how to do that above. You'll need a high neckline for that. Otherwise, choose a neckline that suits the kind of bathing suit you want to make.
3. Now you've got the shape of a one piece bathing suit! If you want it to be a bikini, use the circle graphic to create a flesh tone on the stomach.
Second Method (more difficult, but you can create a unique bottom):

1. Instead of using the V-hem shirt to cover the pelvis, choose a shirt with a shorter hem that doesn't cover it.
2. The legs and pelvis area are now exposed so you can create a unique bottom of your own (using the internet explorer glitch described earlier in this blog). I like to use bead layering for this to create a solid color, but use whatever detail you desire.
3. Cover the hem of the shirt with details so you don't see it.

:) tmck18


(Another tip for the Makeover Creator, not Fashion Maker, but still useful.)

Get the pink undies from your closet/storage (if you don't have them, they are in the store for points). They have a really high g-string type leg, and they replace the gray panties when you put them on, so they don't peak out from under bathing suits. Now your bathing suit should be free of the evil gray panties. Hooray for freedom!
:) tmck18


  1. Tracy, don't know why I couldn't post...this is Karen Van Houten. I tried posting under a couple catagories, but it obviously didn't take. Now I'll try anonomous.

  2. Alright...I'll go ahead with my question. to get rid of the panties do I have to make a dress with the FM, or can I use any dress from the DUC ready-made closet dresses? I'm still having problems.

  3. Hi Karen!

    You can use a DUC closet dress. Could you walk me through how you are trying to take off the panties step-by-step? Maybe I can help you better that way.



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