Showing Skin Without Using Flesh-Toned Circle Graphics

I’ve been using this technique since early 2010 and had sort of described it in my bathing suit post when I  explained how to create a unique bathing suit bottom. However, I realized it should have its own post shortly after I made a very sexy apron a month ago.  So here it is!

Use This Tip to Create: 
  • A bottom hem that is higher than any of the FM options        
  • A top hem that is lower than any of the FM options (and you don’t want to use flesh-toned circle graphics as skin)
  •   Areas on the bottom or top that are cut out (showing skin), but you don’t want to use flesh-toned circle graphics as skin
Design Techniques Used in This Tip:
  • You’ll be using the Internet Explorer Glitch Technique for this. See tip here.
  • You’ll be zoomed in and working above and/or below the FM garment style you choose, so remember that you cannot go far up or down, right or left without having already placed four details in the corners of the fashionmaker "room" when zoomed out.  For details on how, see tip here.
  •  If you’re creating a unique bottom (skirt or pant), choose a shirt garment in the FM that bares enough of the mannequin’s pelvis/hip/leg area to create the bottom on.  Conversely, if you’re creating a top, choose the skirt or pant bottom that bares enough torso for the same reason. For example, I used a skirt so I could create the unique top of the apron in the pic above.
  • Place details in the corners of the Fashionmaker room for zooming purposes as outlined above.
  • You may want to create a stencil of your unique garment first on tracing paper or clear plastic sheets.  It makes creating garments like this much easier because you just fill in your stencil with details.
  • Zoom in and start creating your unique garment shape of the top or bottom with details of your choice using the glitch technique.  Roses or overlapped beads (see tip here for overlapping beads) work really well for this, but use whatever details that work for you.
  • Once you’ve saved your design and decided to do a makeover with it, most likely you’ll only be wearing a bottom or top in your makeover and might need to get rid of the model’s white undershirt or gray panties (gray panties stick out beneath bathing suit bottoms you might create).  Here’s how to get rid of them:
    • White undershirt: Put on a top, move the undershirt behind the model, then take the top off and the model’s torso will be bare. If you don’t like how the tops of the sleeves show a bit behind the shoulders, first change the undershirt to a bra, then do the steps.
    • Gray panties:  These cannot be moved behind the model. However, they can be replaced by the pink g-string panties.  Or if you put on a dress and move it backward, the panties come off.  However, now you have a dress hem that may be showing behind the model.
:) tmck18


  1. Tracy, I could live with a flippy little ruffle behind the model to get rid of the gray panties. But does it have to be one you make, or can it be a DUC item too. I just tried a DUC item with my bathing suit, and the darn gray panties kept coming back. I'm about ready to do a full-length, flesh-colored body suit for under my bikini and forget it!

  2. It can be a DUC item too. Just remember, the item has to be a dress. It doesn't work if you try to use a skirt or pants. So choose a dress, move it behind the model, then click on the panties. When the little box pops up for the panties, click "remove" and the panties will disappear. Hope that helps!
    :) Tracy


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