Creating Cleavage

1. Choose a top with a high neckline.
2. Change it to a flesh tone.
3. Choose the circle graphic in a medium to dark brown tone (not black, it is too harsh).
4. Change the size of the circles to the approximate size of the model's cleavage.
5. Place two circle graphics where the cleavage should be.
6. Change the color of the circle graphic to the flesh tone.
7. Overlap the previous brown circle graphics with flesh tone ones in the same size, leaving only the inner edges of the darker circles uncovered.
8. Now you have your cleavage!
* You may find a tip for placing graphics using the I.E. method useful. Find tip here.
* Once you've made your cleavage, you cannot change the top of your shirt to a new design because the graphics will disappear (details stay in place, graphics don't)
* You may want to cover up the neckline of the shirt with a necklace so it isn't obvious.
* You can make cleavage on every garment if you choose, or you can also make a cleavage shirt and layer it underneath other garments. I use both methods depending on the design.
:) tmck18

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  1. Lotterygirl50687 wanted me to post the following link. It shows an MO she did with cleavage she made with the zipper and tassel details.
    :) tmck18


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